The right path to marriage

We’re going to a wedding this weekend for two friends who began dating right before our wedding two years ago. At a party last weekend, I asked the groom-to-be how he feels about getting married. “I’m ready,” he confidently said. “It feels weird, though, as if we should have gotten married earlier,” he continued. “I … More The right path to marriage

Ask, seek, knock

This week was my fourth anniversary of moving to a new state and starting over in many areas of life. Five years ago, everyone around me seemed to be growing and moving up in life while I felt stuck in old habits and stalled dreams. A relationship had ended, my job didn’t feel exciting or … More Ask, seek, knock

He Protects Me

After a routine check up last week, I had a minor health scare that required more testing.

I consider myself really healthy in general and don’t flip out when I get sick, because the worst that happens to me is I get a cold for a few days in winter. But this was potentially more serious. And for the first time, the state of my health worried not just me but my husband. … More He Protects Me