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“Two more miles,” my husband bellows from about 25 yards behind me. We run for fun, for fitness, and to not come in last during races. He picked up the saying while in Army basic training. Whenever an enlisted soldier would ask an officer how much further the group had to run, the answer was always, “Two more miles!”

Isn’t that what life is like, too? You’re running – figuratively or not – and sometimes you’re exhausted. You want to give up. You want to put down your laundry, your tools, your baby; shut off your computer (by holding down the power button until you force it off, preferably), your car, your phone; flop into bed and pull the covers up. Man, this blanket feels soft.

But you can always go two more miles. We are made fearfully and wonderfully, and we are called to do more and serve more than we think is possible. God knows it’s possible. What happens when you’re challenged by your life to go those extra miles? How will you change? Will you let yourself change?

You’ve stumbled upon my chronicle of life’s challenges and how God pushes us to overcome them. These posts are my shabby but heartfelt thoughts about marriage, life as a newlywed, family, friendship, and becoming who God is calling me to be.

These aren’t authoritative answers: those come only from Him. But if you like conversation and have something to say, leave a comment: I’m always listening.

And running.

Philippians 3:13-14

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