Grace Dorothy

She’s here!

Grace Dorothy was born on May 17 at 11:13 p.m. after 20 hours of labor (12 of which were blissfully assisted by an epidural). She weighed 9 pounds, 3 ounces – and only God knows how I managed to carry and birth a baby that large, but He certainly knows what He’s doing because she’s healthy in every way.

She has her mom’s eyes:


Her dad’s hair:


Her mom’s long runner legs and feet:


And her dad’s earlobes.


(Seriously – we joked every time the hospital staff brought her back from the nursery that checking her ID bands against mine wasn’t necessary; we just needed to look at her chubby earlobes to ensure we had our daughter safely back in our postpartum nest. They look just like Husband’s.)

“Grace” means divine love, favor and protection from God. It also means effortless beauty and charm.

We think this describes our daughter well. 🙂

“Dorothy” means “gift of God” and is in honor of her great-great grandmother. We hope our Grace Dorothy grows up to be smart, strong and independent like her great-great “Grama.”

We have loved her since we first found out she would be joining our family, and now that she’s finally here, we’re overjoyed, and in awe of her and a God so generous and loving that He would entrust her care and upbringing to two flawed but eager people like us.

We love you Grace, and we’re honored to be your parents.

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