Having More Beautiful Days


Last weekend, we had the honor of watching two friends commit to each other in marriage. Both bride and groom were teary before she reached the head of the aisle. It was a beautiful ceremony that reflected love in all directions.

I loved what the minister (the bride’s father!) said about marriage:

“It’s like the third quarter of a football game. The buzz of the tailgate has faded away; it’s getting hot in the stands and time is starting to drag on for the fans. The initial energy with which the players exploded onto the field in the first quarter is starting to run out. But everyone must keep going: fans must keep cheering their team on, and players must keep playing their best because a full football game is 60 minutes, not 45.

“It’s at that point that you must rely on the internal reserve of strength and perseverance the Jesus provides. You must let your fans – your friends and family who have gone before you in marriage – help you by heeding their advice and looking to their earned wisdom. You must remind yourself why you’re there, and how beautiful days like this one are in marriage. Because they’re not all as beautiful as today. This is day 1. By the time you reach day 321, or 650, or 18,262 (that’s 50 years!) you’ll experience days that try your patience, your integrity, and your commitment to each other.

“But if you keep God at the center of your lives and prepare your hearts and minds to work through the lows, you’ll have more beautiful days than not.”


Love that.

We’re working on day 751, and, because our church is taking a Sabbath rest and we were up late last night, today we’re resting and preparing our hearts for whatever’s next. This has involved:

  • Lounging on the deck with coffee and Netflix
  • Books, books, books
  • Naps
  • Snacks made from leftovers and whatever we can find in the pantry. This is a “life prep” day, definitely not a meal prep day.
  • More Netflix
  • Lunch with family – a treasured blessing in our world
  • Him speaking my love language (acts of service) by doing small chores around the house
  • Me speaking his love language by giving him small gifts (and by “small gifts” I mean “restocking his ramen noodle supply”)
  • Wearing pjs all day except to go to lunch

But most of all, basking in the permission, and gift, of rest.

Day 752, we’re ready for you.


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