What do you believe about yourself?

My mentor emailed me the other day with these probing statements about identity.

If you look deep down into yourself and your life, how many of these can you answer “Yes!”?

If the first few scare you, maybe focus on the last few, and especially the last one.

I believe that when we step back from our rush and our routines, we find that we are loved by so many we don’t even notice. Sometimes in big ways, but most often in little ways:

The way your parent calls you at the same time every day, just to chat.

The way your dog stretches out over you while you watch TV or scroll through your phone in the couch.

The way your co-worker blows bubbles at you when needing a mental break.

The way your usual server at your favorite restaurant has your drink waiting for you when you arrive.

The way your neighbor gently corrals your escaped dog on their deck, and walks her back to your yard.

The way your spouse knows how you like your coffee, and how to step in when you’re stuck and need help.

I believe the world would be less divided and caustic if we regularly took stock of our lives based on these statements.

If you know you are pursued and loved, and so is everyone else, what need is there to be anything less?

Read the statements, and tell me if you cannot say at least one is undeniably true.

Which of these “identity” statements do you fully believe/embrace about yourself? Which ones do you honestly have doubts about still?
If you had to fill in the blank: “I am —–” what would you say?

I am created in God’s image.

I am redeemed and reconciled.

I am covered by a new covenant.

I am heir to the promise.

I am chosen by God.

am included.

I am protected.

I am empowered for service.

I am pursued and loved.


Happy weekend, lovelies. 🙂

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