What does submission mean within a marriage?

This is ‘merica, and under our banner of freedom and manifest destiny-driven self-realization, we don’t let others tell us what to do. We don’t let them tread on us.

We don’t submit.

But what place does submission have within marriage? … More What does submission mean within a marriage?

Made alive in marriage

Yesterday marked 18 months of wedded bliss not killing each other. Husband and I high-fived to that.

In all seriousness, while reading Colossians 3 last night, it struck me how much Paul and Timothy’s epistle could have been written for newlyweds. … More Made alive in marriage

A dream realized

We bought a house! A dream deferred came true yesterday: We successfully closed on a beautiful house sitting on almost an acre of wooded land in a location where we’re ecstatic to live. This was our second attempt at buying a home, and a huge victory for us because of the hard road we took … More A dream realized