Two more things I’ve learned about marriage

On our 10-month anniversary I mulled over what God and my husband have shown me about our marriage and what we need to do to keep it healthy. Today is our first anniversary. I’d like to jump up and pump both fists while shouting “YES” at a library-inappropriate level in honor of the difficulties we’ve overcome. The fact that we’re still together, in love, and enjoying homemade biscuits and jam while we open our paper-themed gifts in our PJs is a testament to our desire to love each other well, to uphold our commitment to each other, and to honor a God who loves us so much that He not only crossed our paths but made sure the right people who could support us at the right time crossed our united path as well.

Instead of shouting to the apartment complex (or maybe in addition…?), here are two more things I’m learning about marriage, for the two additional months we’ve made it:

11. Get to know his friends. Make an effort to be friends with them too, or to at least be friendly. They’re good people who knew and supported your husband when he was figuring life out. They know what makes him tick; however, they’re NOT obligated to help you make up with your husband when things get testy between you two. Encourage your husband to maintain his friendships with them. Accept your husband’s invitations to hang out with him + friends whenever you can. You’ll discover more about your husband through their stories, and you’ll probably have a bunch of fun while you’re at it.

12. Keep running your own race, and don’t get discouraged if your husband isn’t always keeping the same pace as you. This applies to literal running as well as figurative races/projects/habits. He’ll catch up, slow down, or find another route that meets up with you when he’s ready, and when he realizes that he must do the same for you.

Wedding day under the tree

Happy anniversary, husband.

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